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Good Witch Of The West

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Movies: Good Witch Of The West Director: Noriko Ogiwara Cast:  Production Co:  Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Anime Runtime:  Country: Japan Release Date: 2006 
Firiel Dee is given her mother's necklace by her childhood friend, Rumpelstiltskin(Rune). The necklace was meant as a birthday gift from her remote father, the astrologer Gideon Dee. All fifteen-year-olds are welcome to attend a public ball at the royal Roland castle in honor of the Queen's Birthday, and Firiel decides to wear her new necklace to the celebration. When it is recognized as a missing talisman of the royal family, this leads to the revelation that Firiel is the daughter of royalty and automatically in competition to become the next Queen.
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