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Happy Kappy

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Movies: Happy Kappy Director:  Cast:  Production Co:  Genres: Comedy Slapstick Satire, Anime Runtime:  Country: Japan Release Date: 2006-2008 
The series focuses on a rather self-centered, cocky adolescent American boy named Mikey who wins a starring role in a popular Japanese television series "LilyMu", centering around a team of crime-fighters with personalities based around typical anime characters. He becomes acquainted with his co-stars, including Gonard, a tall, husky, sweet, rather dimwitted boy who portrays the primary antagonist of the "LilyMu" series, Lily, the spoiled, heartless portrayer of the otherwise ingenuous and sweet damsel-in-distress of "LilyMu" who contempts Mikey for having overtaken her limelight, Mitsuki, a sweet-natured actress infatuated with Mikey who plays a much tougher character in the series than in reality, and Guano, a small, fuzzy purple creature with many insecurities, responsibilities, strange habits and tendencies. The program in which the actors are featured is run by a tyrannical, strict, and loud boss named Ozu, noted for his sour demeanor yet mentoring guide and constant infuriation with Mikey, aided by "Yes-Man," his dedicated and trustworthy assistant who loyally upholds him and agrees with any decision that he makes. The series centers on the actors' daily lives aside from filming the television program and the predicaments in which they may entangle themselves at the hands of their own cockiness, incompetence, or celebrity status, and episodes usually feature sub-plots following the lives of whichever characters are not being primarily featured in that particular episode. The series relies heavily on gags and other things for comedy.
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